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European integration mechanisms 'in a blind alley' - PM

November 9th, 2017

The mechanism for managing the European integration process has found itself in a 'blind alley', PM Beata Szydlo said during the 15th Foreign Policy Forum at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on Thursday, stressing that decision-making in the EU should be rooted in voters' will and base on national parliaments. Among challenges facing the EU, Szydlo listed finding a way to embed the integration process in democratic procedures, addressing unity, cohesion, and security ambitions, as well as coming up with a proper kind of economic model. In practice, integration has been left in the hands of the European Commission; namely, a group of officials appointed by member states. "Let us remember that rather than making decisions regarding EU policy, they are there to make sure that any undertakings fall in line with EU laws", the PM said.


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