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Visegrad Insight & V4Revue

Do you know any Czech authors?
Polish society is currently strongly divided into those who support and those who oppose refugee assistance, with the latter seemingly being the majority. While the topic has stayed in the newspaper headlines, the government has been resistant to adapt to new realities, or search for an EU-wide solution to the problem. It is mostly small groups of individuals who are filling the gap, coming up with concrete ways to help re-envision a new European solidarity.
Lives as dead-end streets might not be the most inventive motif, but Tar takes his metaphors seriously, and follows them through.
Interview with CEO of General Electric
For years, Hungary has not witnessed such an enduring wave of protests as it has over the last couple of months, which show a deep discontent with the Orbán government’s education policies. What are the underlying causes of the demonstrations?
While the Slovak Prime Minister talks sovereignty, the Slovak diplomats discuss deeper integration. Yet, internal politics and foreign policy don’t stand alone. Although interest in preserving its EU membership are directing Slovak EU policies today, tomorrow the situation may well turn around – just like in the UK.

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