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Visegrad Insight & V4Revue

The great paradox of modernity is that everything is very close to its polarity.
With the UK opting out of the EU, the V4 anti-federalists are losing an important ally. As new debates on redefining the post-Brexit EU are underway, V4 countries could play a crucial role. However, that depends, once again, on Germany.
As we approach Hungary’s October referendum on the EU-wide distribution of asylum-seekers, many of whom are Muslim, it is worthwhile to take a look at how domestic politics has driven the country’s growing anti-Islamic discourse.
A how-to guide for current leaders taking part in the „Bratislava process“ on the future of the EU
SMER built their whole spring election campaign on the premise that Slovakia had no responsibility for or connection to the refugee crisis. Yet, according to the UN registry, Slovakia became the largest (declared) small arms exporter in 2015.
Will Lukashenko be able to bridge the gap between Minsk and Brussels?

Current grant projects

iMAPS Poland Project Dissemination
Dissemination of the VINMES project on an internatianal conference (iMAPS Poland 2016) Promote the VINMES network activties in Poland.
Walbrzych, PL
Community and Exclusion. Collective Violence in the Multiethnic (East) Central European Societies before and after the Holocaust (1848-1948)
The conference brings together scholars working on collective violence in (East) Central Europe before and after the Holocaust, including anti-Jewish violence and violence against Roma. The scholars will discuss, what the various forms of exclusionary violence in the period between empire and nation-states, and in the aftermath of the Holocaust when the nation states were reconstructed, do have in common; which discourses, patterns, and rituals did they follow; how the violence transformed these communities, and how the violence was narrated and remembered.
Prague, CZ
KineDok Screenings of "New World", "Mothers and Daughters" and "So Far, So Near"
Screening of KineDok films at Záhrada from 6 and 7pm
Banská Bystrica, SK
Film screening
Theatre Production—Sláva Daubnerová: Solo Lamentoso
Solo Lamentoso is the confession of a woman playing an opera aria allowed Daubnerová to open timeless themes, such as the ambiguity of truth or the fight of an individual with the society. Sláva Daubnerová occupies a special place in Slovak theatre – she is a director, author, performer and actress in one. She is known mostly for shifting conventions in contemporary theatre, combining several genres or experimenting considerably in both a formal and thematic sense. Her solo projects deal with real destinies of strong, unique women who have left a specific footprint in history.
Nitra, SK
Among Us in Nitra
Event offers several workshops in schools in Nitra in comparison to experiance in ŽIlina and Košice. And also performance Among Us in the venue Staré divadlo Karola Spišáka as a part of International Theatre festival Divadelná Nitra.
Nitra, SK
Performance, Seminar/workshop
Theatre production from the Czech Republic—Theatre Aréna Ostrava
Czech preformance Slišení is focused on the past. The main architect of the jewish genocide was Adolf Eichmann. The central theme of the performance is examination of Adolf Eichmann. As a war criminal, he was examinated in Izreal in 1962 and he was executed and put to death. In the performance Slišení the author doesn't judge, he only shows the different side of the reality.
Nitra, SK
KineDok Screening of "So Far, So Near"
Screening of the KineDok film at Móló KineDok Filmklub from 7pm
Gárdony, HU
Film screening

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