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Visegrad Roundtables by Revue RozRazil (transcriptions):

The Trianon Trauma
Interesting, you can write poetry even though you live in Cluj!

(Budapest 2006)

Participants: Géza Jeszenszky, Péter Béndek, Csaba Zahorán, Gábor Kardos, Sándor András, Balázs Ablonczy, Sándor Mészáros, János Széky

We Were Suffering under the Hungarians, We Were Suffering under the Czechs
The Czech Republic and Slovakia Are Losing Their Geographical Prominence...

(Bratislava 2006)

Participants: Štefan Hríb, Ľubomír Feldek, Miroslav Kusý, Peter Zajac

Too Big of An Idea for a Small Space?
People from Elsewhere Are Enjoying That Nothing Is Happening Here
or Central Europe as a Penitentiary of Nations?

(Prague 2006)

Participants: Jefim Fištejn, Marek Hovorka, Tomáš Kafka, Antonín J. Liehm, Martin Putna, Karol Sidon

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