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V4 Countries Adopt Joint Declaration; British Premier Cameron Attends the Talks

December 18th, 2015

Prior to a meeting of the European Council, the Visegrad Group adopted a joint declaration regarding topics that will be debated with the leaders of other EU Member States in Brussels today and tomorrow. V4 countries share the same position on questions concerning migration, fight against terrorism, the Energy Union, and the United Kingdom's reform agenda.

V4Trust_CZPRES2015-2016In the joint declaration, the Visegrad Group underscored the need for the reliable protection of the EU's external borders and for the full operability of planned hotspots so as to ensure that the entry of all persons to the EU is fully under control. Moreover, the V4 countries called on all their European partners to support and preserve the Schengen Area as one of the basic building blocks of the European integration process. At the same time, V4 members confirmed their resolve to continue cooperation with Western Balkans countries and other third countries.

To strengthen the fight against terrorism, the Visegrad Group is prepared to improve the exchange of information and intelligence. Further, V4 officials voiced strong support for the rapid adoption and implementation of the Passenger Name Record directive.

In their joint declaration, V4 countries also welcomed the discussion among European leaders about the Energy Union, which is considered a key priority. Visegrad Group countries are in favor of completing the European Union's internal energy market and building a robust energy infrastructure as a way of strengthening energy security. In this regard, the Visegrad Group calls on the European Commission to ensure the full conformity of any new infrastructure in the European Union's territory with EU's current laws.

The closing stage of the coordination meeting was attended by Prime Minister David Cameron who presented the British EU reform proposals to his V4 counterparts. The Visegrad Group is prepared to support the United Kingdom's proposals aimed at strengthening competitiveness and increasing the role of national parliaments. However, V4 countries consider free movement one of the fundamental values of the European Union and will support no proposal that would be discriminatory or restrictive with regard to this freedom.

Source: Government of the Czech Republic


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