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New Issue of Visegrad Insight

June 10th, 2016

"Allied Solidarity" is the title of the new issue of the Visegrad Insight 2(9)/2016 published in June 2016. Available in hard-copy (paper edition), PDF, EPUB or MOBI e-book formats, or as a table app.

Table of contents:

EUROPE | Allied solidarity

Martin Stropnický, Peter Siklósi, Jaroslav Nad‘ and Bogusław Smólski on regional defence identity and economy of defence cooperation | NATO for avarage woman and man – Sławomir Dębski | V4 as juncture in the Alliance response to security challenges – Tomasz Chłoń | Survey: What should NATO do? What decisions will best serve peace? How to reinforce public support for the Alliance? – Réka Szemerkényi, Rastislav Káčer, Alexandr Vondra, Tomasz Szadkowski

Ballistic missile threat in Central Europe. Interview with Martin J. Coyne

ECONOMY | New approach to growth

The state and the economy. The old relationship revisited – Martin Ehl | The economic impact of the end of Schengen – Tomasz Kasprowicz | A conversation with Peter Stracar on the new approach to growth in Central Europe

EU | Disintegration

The European Union today inhibits integration instead of enabling it. Interview with Jan Zielonka by Maciej Kuziemski | What lawyers can do for the Union – Juraj Čorba

VI9-visualINTELLIGENT MIND | New Enlightenment

Leonidas Donskis, Patrik Ouredník, Haris Pašovic and Michal Havran in conversation about intellectual courage versus industry of fear | The journey from Trianon to Visegrád – Péter Hunčik

25 YEARS OF VISEGRAD | Past, Present, Futures

Radosław Sikorski, Martin Bútora, Jacques Rupnik, Daniela Schwarzer, Krzysztof Szczerski comment on the Visegrad anniversary | Illusive intermarium – Henry Foy

VISEGRAD ABROAD | Energy security

The Italian Ally in V4 Security Battle – Matteo Tacconi | Energy Security: what has been accomplished and what remains to be done? – Matthew Bryza | A call for “multi-levelization”. Taking stock of Visegrad after 25 years – Vít Dostál and Zsuzsanna Végh | Vladimír Bilčík on the Politics of Slovakia ahead of the EU Council Presidency and Possible Scenarios for 2016–2017

NEW EUROPE 100 | Intellectual capital

Brain Bar. Interview with Gergely Böszörményi Nagy from Design Terminal

SCHOOL OF ESSAY | Cultures of democracy

Being cynical has become the only way to be patriotic – Ivan Krastev | Marching democracy – Mateusz Falkowski | Brno – György Spiró | The end o the world – Noémi Szécsi

BOOKS | Visegrad in Translation

Reviews by Julia Sherwood, Dániel Dányi, Diána Vonnák, Magdalena Mullek, Viktóra Vas, Zsuzsa Mihályi, and László Szabolcs


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