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22 November 1335

Casimir, King of Poland, assures John, King of Bohemia, that he will pay the twenty thousand threescore Prague groschen in return for his renunciation of the Polish throne
We, Casimir, by divine grace King of Poland, as principal debtor, and Sbitko, Castellan of Cracow, Peter, Castellan of Sandomierz, Nicholas de Bogrey, Voivode of Cracow, Mystuayliss, Voivode of Sandomierz, Jessko Mandrostka, Court Judge at Cracow, Passek de Bogrey, Provincial Judge of Sandomierz, Czeley, Lord of Radom, Vice-chamberlain Krziuyzant, Henry, Vice-chamberlain of Sandomierz, Wrass, Castellan of Wojnicz, Andorsmonossi son of master of hunting, and Pacoslaus treasurer, guarantors named by King Casimir, through the present document recognize, announce and admit in public that we are obligated to the magnificent prince, Lord John, King of Bohemia and to his successors for twenty thousand threescore Prague groschen, of which one half we have already paid to the Lord King, while of the other half we have already discharged four thousand threescore Prague groschen to the nobleman, Lord Henry de Lypa, and given a secure and sufficient way of deposit of six thousand threescore Prague groschen for the reason and occasion that the King of Bohemia has renounced all his claim to the kingdom of Poland and title of the Polish throne. We honestly promise that we shall have paid the remaining six thousand threescore Prague groschen by next Easter to the aforementioned Lord King of Bohemia and to his successors, or to his envoys, who have special command, at our own expenses and danger, in the town of Ratibor; meanwhile, if this town should come out of the hands of the Lord King of Bohemia or his prince, Lord Lestko, in the town of Oppavia, located in Moravia, we shall be obligated to pass and pay the six thousand good and legal threescore Prague groschen, or its value in gold or silver according to the rate determined in common by two merchants chosen by the two parties, with no delay and respite. In the event that we make no complete or partial payment in the aforementioned place and time, we, the guarantors, promise and obligate ourselves to make our way to the town of Oppavia, to a certain house that is indicated by the King of Bohemia or his successors, and remain there as hostages, by custom, until the six thousand threescore Prague groschen, plus one thousand groschen penalty and fine for damages and interest are paid completely in that place. If anyone of us dies before the act of payment, we promise, as we ought to do, with no fraudulence, to be replaced by others who shall be named and determined by the Lord King of Bohemia or his successors, or his Polish envoys, in order that all of the above ought to be fulfilled. Moreover, we, the guarantors, promise, should the act of guarantee and payment not be fulfilled in the above-written way, the magnificent princes, Lord King Charles of Hungary, Lady Queen Elizabeth and their son, Louis, shall pass the document of the renunciation of the kingdom and the title of Poland deposited with them, freely and with no difficulties, to the King of Bohemia and to his successors without any command; nevertheless, we are still obligated to the King of Bohemia for the one thousand threescore Prague groschen as a fine. By the strength of the present letter with our seals upon it. Concluded at Visegrád, in Hungary, on the 22nd day of the month of November, in the year of the Lord 1335. - On the fold: It is registered 14.
Charter issued on November 22, 1335, woth the seals of King Casimir and Polish principals (Original: State Archive in Wrocław)
"22 November 1335" In: Rácz, György (ed.): Visegrád 1335. Bratislava, 2009, pp. 123-124.

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