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25 Years of the V4 as Seen by the Public

The Rules of Preparation, Approval and Implementation Procedures for Projects Financed from the Visegrad Strategic Program of the International Visegrad Fund (7 December 2004)

Under Article 19 of the Statute of the International Visegrad Fund the Council of Ambassadors is issuing these conditions to determine the rules of procedure for the preparation, approval and implementation of projects in the areas determined by the Statute:

Chapter I
Purposes of the Visegrad Strategic Program

Article 1
The Visegrad Strategic Program (VStP) is a basic program, created to support important, long-term strategic projects from all fields of interest of the International Visegrad Fund, by providing financial support for Applicants.

Article 2
The main goals of the VStP are:
  • to support strategic, long-term, four-country Visegrad projects.
  • to support common presentations of the Visegrad Countries outside the V4 Region.
  • to support exchange and co-operation between Visegrad Countries and their neighbours.

Article 3
Priority branch orientation or discipline for Visegrad Strategic Program projects shall be defined by the decision of the Conference of Ministers (latest in November) for the following year. Each member state has the right to propose its own priority.
The Executive Director is responsible for the proper announcement of the Visegrad Strategic Program in conformity with the decision of the Conference of Ministers and present document and it's annexes till December 1, every year on the web page of the Fund.

Chapter II
Project Financing

Article 4
The VStP Project will be financed by the Fund up to 50% of the total project costst. The Fund is entitled to secure financial resources for project supporting from external sources as well.

Article 5
Individual Projects can be supported by either other state, legal or private entity (further on as Project Partner) from well verified resources while not standing any conditions that might be contradictive with the aims and goals of the Fund. The financial contribution of Project Partner shall be within the range of 20–50% of the total projects costs.

Article 6
The Project Partner can propose the topic and the goals of the project. The approval and declaration of the project is a subject of the Council of Ambassadors decision (see Article 19).

Article 7
The Project Partner can request an appropriate acknowledgement of his participation on the project as well as a relevant share of its results. Specific conditions on the Project participation and its results utilization will be declared in the Contract signed with the Fund.

Article 8
The financial resources of the Fund can be used only for the purposes reflecting the will of the donor. There is no legal entitlement to the provision of financial resources from the Fund.

Chapter III
Project Preparation

Article 9
The Applicant shall prepare the project according to the attached form, which is an inseparable part of these Rules. In case of need the applicant may supplement information on the project in the form of an attachment.

Article 10

An Applicant shall have co-organizing partners from all other Visegrad countries and shall guarantee, that the project will be implemented in all four Visegrad countries. The co-organizing partners shall contribute to the project budget. Applicants from Non-Visegrad Countries can apply for the Visegrad Strategic Program Grant under the same conditions.

Article 11
An Applicant who obtained grant from the Fund in the past can apply for the grant again under the condition that all of his previous projects were finished and the Secretariat of the Fund approved their Final Reports.

Chapter IV
Filling of the Application for Project Approval

Article 12
The Secretariat of the Fund has the obligation to provide each Applicant with the project application form.

Article 13
The application for a financial subsidy (grant) shall be filled electronically in English using the project application form. The separate application shall be filled for each of the projects.

Article 14
The application shall be delivered in electronic and paper version to the following address:

International Visegrad Fund
Drotárska cesta No. 46
811 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Deadline for application, the latest date of the post stamp or e-mail communication, is January 31st for the relevant year.

Article 15
The Secretariat of the Fund shall record all applications in the same order as received. The applicant will be sent a confirmation of the receipt of the application.

Article 16
The criteria of projects selection are as follows:
  • number of co-organizing partners (as specified in Article 5)
  • originality of the project
  • transparency and accuracy of the budget
  • promotion of the idea of the Visegrad co-operation
  • multiplicative effect
  • media coverage
  • continuity of the project
  • compliance with the priorities, referred to in Article 3 above
  • previous experience of the Fund with the Applicant (if any)

Chapter V
Project Approval

Article 17
The Secretariat of the Fund shall review the applications received concerning the compliance with the formal requirements. In case the application is not complete or shows formal shortcomings the Fund shall inform the applicant of that fact.

Article 18
The Executive Director shall review each project in terms of its content with a special view to its compliance with the regulations of the Fund. The Executive Director shall verify the data given in the application, in particular the sources of funding. The Executive Director shall prepare a written statement in which he/she shall present his/her recommendation for the approval of the project, based on submitted application. He/she shall also recommends the amount of subsidy (grant) according the financial possibilities of the Fund. The Executive Director shall send to the Members of the Council of Ambassadors all project application forms in compliance with the regulations of the Fund at the latest two weeks after the deadline for delivering projects.

Article 19
The Council of Ambassadors shall at its session (at least once a year) accept, accept with reservation or reject projects. In case of the acceptance with the reservation the Applicant willing to implement the project must accept the reservation of the Council of Ambassadors. Decisions taken by the Council of Ambassadors are final. They shall present no ground for legal proceedings and they require no detailed reasoning.

Article 20
In case of project approval the Council of Ambassadors shall authorise the Executive Director to sign the contract with the Grantee. Its specimen form is a part of these Rules. The Council of Ambassadors shall approve the wording of the contract. The Council of Ambassadors may also determine conditions for each contract individually.

Article 21
The Executive Director has the obligation to inform the Applicants about the decision taken by the Council. The project shall be deemed definitively approved after the contract between the Fund and the Grantee is concluded. Secretariat of the Fund shall have no obligation to return the project to its drafter.

Chapter VI
Project Implementation

Article 22
The Grantee shall have the obligation to implement the approved project in compliance with the time limit and financial conditions agreed upon in the contract. The maximum time limit for implementation of the Visegrad Strategic Program Grants is 3 years.

Article 23
In exceptional cases, upon the request of the Grantee, the Council of Ambassadors may decide on change of the time and financial framework of the approved project

Article 24
The Grantee is obliged to report in writing to the Fund every 6 months about the implementation of the project.

Article 25
These Rules shall enter into force on the day of its approval by the Conference of Ministers.

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