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Gender has become one of the most frequently used words in the Polish public arena. The economy, foreign relations, immigration – nothing raises the temperature of a discussion like “gender.” According to one side of the debate, feminists, women, and LGBT movements are seen as a main threat to the substance of “Polishness.”
The low efficiency in disbursing EU funds is exacerbated primarily by instability in the public administration, which is caused by the politicization of public officials. The main problem is the ineffectiveness of practically the entire Act No. 218/2002 on the Service of Public Servants, which the current government is determined to amend substantially during this summer. However, the amendment is anything but perfect.
Many in the Visegrad region believe that, as EU member countries, we have functioning welfare states. However, the example of Hungary demonstrates that we have nothing of the sort.

Current grant projects

International liaison exercise
The main purpose of the project is to present experiences of voluntary rescue units from V4 countries to our Ukraine partners. Name of the project is “International Collaboration Exercise of V4 2014.
Gab?íkovo, SK
International liaison exercise
Workshop on the application of digital corpora in linguistic research
The purpose of the workshop is to introduce and discuss selected language corpora and to demonstrate how these can be used in solving linguistic problems.
Lublin, PL
3rd International V4 Briefing representatives of coutries
Boleraz, SK
Meeting of leaders of the project
The main aim of the kick-off meeting is to discuss methodical basis and draft basic conception of the research focused on regional identity in the context of cross-border co-operation.
Onšov, CZ
Summer camp
A week-long event in the heart of the White Carpathians will be a mosaic of conservation work (mowing and raking meadows), learning (traditional fruit varieties, animal farming) and fun (games, etc).
?ervený Kame?, Vršatec, SK
12nd Annual V4-International VISEGRAD-TRNAVA CUP F3J category
Boleraz, SK
Festival in Sikeni?ka
Traditional dishes will be prepared, a competition will be held for the best "strudel" of the region. In the program folk groups will introduce themselves and the folk traditions, dances of the region
Sikeni?ka, SK

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