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In the Czech society, a new generation that is no longer enthused by the ethos of the November changes or the existence of freedom and democracy has come to claim the word.
In Czechia, Vietnamese immigrants managed to establish one of the largest Vietnamese Diaspora in the world. While scattered all around the country, the cultural and commercial centre of Sapa in Prague plays a key role for them acting as a refuge, providing help, opportunities and jobs. Although the Czech majority currently perceive it with suspicion, Sapa could prove to be a gateway, giving Czech citizens access to and educating them about Vietnamese culture and traditions.
For some in Central Europe, the Paris terrorist acts have once again confirmed their conviction that free speech, Muslims and peace simply don’t fit together. At the V4 Revue we believe that terrorism knows no religion. While Europe can’t ignore its security, it has to stand behind civic freedoms and fear cannot overshadow the conversations we need to have about migration and the coexistence of our many cultures.

Current grant projects

Release of 2+3D magazine
The 2+3D magazine presenting all the winners will be released in Cracow, PL.
Cracow, PL
Our world is in your hand - a seminar for environmental educators
A 2-day seminar for V4 teachers introducing an environment education planning tool (hand model) by mainly practical activities. They can discuss, redesign their own programs, and provide feed-back.
Budapest, HU
Conference (School)
Hejnice, CZ
The opening reception
There will be organized the project-opening reception in Tbilisi for presenting the project, its topic, aims, target groups and expected outcomes. V4 fund + press + ministries will be invited.
Tbilisi, GE
Lecture on modern Israel by Israeli Ambassador in the Czech Republic
His Excellency Mr. Gary Koren will give a lecture on modern Israel to students of Gymnázium Dašická.
Pardubice, CZ
Lecture on modern Israel by Israeli Deputy chief of the mission in the Czech Republic
Mr.Eran Yuvan will give a lecture on modern Israel to students of Dvo?ákovo gymnázium and St?ední škola ekonomická.
Kralupy nad Vltavou, CZ
Presentation of the publication
Presentation of results of the project Through Common History towards Common Future.
Cieszyn, PL

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