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25 Years of the V4 as Seen by the Public

International Workshop on the National Action Plan for Childhood Injury Prevention

April 19 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic

Being aware of the right of children to safety, significance of injuries for the health of children and the high number of injuries affecting this age group;

Believing in the necessity to act in order to reduce the lost lives and the suffering associated with injuries, and in the responsibilities lying in the field of prevention;

Acknowledging the present work of a large number of stakeholders and the attained cooperation;
With the effort to permanently and significantly reduce injury-related mortality and morbidity of children in mind;
Within the scope of their abilities and powers hereby undertake to:
  • Cooperate on an international level in the development and enforcement of national action plans for childhood injury prevention, particularly within the framework of the Visegrad cooperation;
  • Support systemic solutions of intentional as well as accidental injuries in children aged 0-18 years, in particular the effort to reduce injury-related childhood mortality and to stop the increase and reduce the frequency of childhood injuries, particularly severe injuries and those with permanent consequences, as much as practicable;
  • Cooperate closely among departments as well as industries, within the scope of operation of state and non-state institutions, on a national, regional as well as local level, in all spheres which may have a positive impact upon childhood injury rates;
  • Develop a system of technical and institutional capacities for efficient injury prevention and traumatology care for children;
  • Support systemic data collection, and, where applicable, the development of national childhood injury registries, and to provide data for further use including the purposes of international comparison;
  • Disseminate present experience, information, and examples of good practise in the sphere of childhood injury prevention;
  • Support the research of effective interventions and the implementation of approaches based upon good practise in the care for injured children and in the prevention of childhood injuries.

Source: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

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